Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Boycott Good Energy

Greenwash electricity provider Good Energy have stated that their subcontractor, G4S, who murdered Jimmy Mubenga, fit their "Corporate Social Responsibility".

Community Composting Network

Community Composting Network (CCN) are holding a seminar next Wednesday 28th March at the Mill, Cotherstone near Barnard Castle . It's all about integrating community composting and local food production. The day includes a veggie lunch, a visit to Rotters community composting site, the seminar and it's FREE!

Please see following link for further details and booking.

Teesdale Conservation Volunteers and Rotters Community Composting
Conservation Centre
Deepdale Woods
Barnard Castle
County Durham
DL12 9TB

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Still Boycott Workfare commented:

It is reported that sanctions have been removed from the DWP’s “Work Experience” scheme, which is one of five workfare schemes which compel people to work without pay on threat of welfare sanctions. But is this another example of the DWP’s willingness to mislead the public?

There is no sign that sanctions have been lifted in the DWP’s press release which states: “The sanction regime remains in place.” Chris Grayling seems to be painting a murkier picture in TV interviews. Speaking to Sky, he first claimed “If somebody sits down with [the employer] after a couple of weeks and says ‘This really isn’t working out, I don’t want to carry on’, they wouldn’t be sanctioned. I was happy to agree to that.” But by the end of the interview, he offers an example which suggests that it will be in exceptional cases only that sanctions won’t be applied.

Victory of the Red Squirrels!

Save Gosforth Wildlife commented:
The council have proposed that the Salters Lane development shouldn’t go ahead, although the decision has yet to be actually taken and signed off.