Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Agro (fuels) in Barnsley

A planning application for a biofuel power station in Barnsley which had been
withdrawn has now been resubmitted. The application, for a 7 MW power station,
is made by Rocpower, a subsidiary of Hargreaves Services, who are planning six
biofuel power stations, one of which has already been granted permission.
The company claims that they will use tall oil (a byproduct from paper production)
and vegetable oil ‘co-product’, a term used so widely that they could well argue
that types of soybean oil and palm oil qualify. Furthermore, Rocpower have once
again submitted an older Environmental Review to the planning department in
Barnsley which refers to palm oil plans.
To find out more and to object to the planning application, please go to:

Mainshill Solidarity Camp

Pre-Eviction Gathering! Sat 23rd to Tues 26th January

A long weekend of action, workshops and defence-building in preparation for the eviction of the Mainshill Solidarity Camp
Saturday 23rd to Tuesday 26th January, Mainshill Wood, South Lanarkshire

With the long-awaited and highly-anticipated eviction of the camp surely drawing closer, join us for the weekend (and as much time after that as

you can spare!) to add the finishing touches to defences, build new ones and fortify barricades. Ever wanted to build yourself a treehouse? Dig

yourself a tunnel? Make yourself a lock-on? Now is your chance!

We’re asking anyone who wants to be a part of stopping this open cast coal mine, anyone who wants to fight corporate greed, corrupt government

and the feudal land ownership, and anyone who wants to defend a community from the self-interest of the few, to come to the camp and

help us build a viable alternative to the destruction that will otherwise ensue.

Asking nicely has failed. Its time to fight back!

What to bring:

* Warm clothes and waterproofs

* Sleeping bag

Tasty vegan food will be provided, but bring any supplies you can. Any

building materials, tools, climbing equipment, bedding or anything on

our wish list you can spare please bring it along.

Directions –

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Haiti Solidarity

To support Haitian workers organisation Batay Ouvriye send cheques payable to "MAS/BO" to:
Miami Workers Center
6127 Northwest 7th Avenue
Miami, FL 33127-1111

Monday, 11 January 2010


Sunday 24th January 2010
Bridge 5 Mill MERCI Ancoats - MANCHESTER

We hope that the following areas/neighbourhoods will be able to attend in some form:

Hebden Bridge
and more

If you up for helping to facilitate a session, or have any agenda suggestions, please email them to manchester[at] by January 20th.

A travel pool will be available to help cover costs for people coming from further afield. Please book your tickets in advance if you can.

Dysophia and Shift Magazine have joined forces to put together a Climate Camp Reader, “Criticism without Critique”, published in January 2010. This reader hopes to encourage and faciliate debates at the next climate camp gatherings.