Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Agro (fuels) in Barnsley

A planning application for a biofuel power station in Barnsley which had been
withdrawn has now been resubmitted. The application, for a 7 MW power station,
is made by Rocpower, a subsidiary of Hargreaves Services, who are planning six
biofuel power stations, one of which has already been granted permission.
The company claims that they will use tall oil (a byproduct from paper production)
and vegetable oil ‘co-product’, a term used so widely that they could well argue
that types of soybean oil and palm oil qualify. Furthermore, Rocpower have once
again submitted an older Environmental Review to the planning department in
Barnsley which refers to palm oil plans.
To find out more and to object to the planning application, please go to:

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Anonymous said...

A leaked draft EU document shows that the Commission would like to rename palm oil plantations as “forest” in order that biodiesel from palm oil plantations can still meet EU biofuels sustainability criteria.
Palm oil expansion is a major cause of tropical rainforest destruction and biodiesel from palm oil can easily cause more greenhouse gas emissions that the fossil fuel it is meant to replace.