Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Want to learn more about micro renewable technology or do have have experience of using small scale turbines/solar panels & want to share your knowledge?
Come along to the Star and Shadow on the 9th December for an evening of informal discussion,watch a couple of films and have some food.

As governments & their capitalist system begin to crumble we need to provide for each other and ourselves,by learning skills to make your own energy you can free yourself from those dreaded gas/elec bills that only make the rich richer.Personal energy autonomy is one of the first steps toward a cleaner, greener ,more equal world.

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Anonymous said...

Personal energy autonomy is desirable but so is community energy autonomy. One person alone can't produce an electricity generator; it requires human collaboration. Such collaboration is currently being experimented with by workers coops, small businesses and by corporations, within which the class struggle wages. Renewable energy is not the cheapest form of electricity and is not available to most people. We should challenge the way that our resources are controlled in order to effectively resist the system that causes climate change.