Thursday, 22 January 2009

North East Open Cast Conference


Anonymous said...

The movement against open cast is broad and important. It is supported by every rational person who cares about the environment and / or social justice. Movements including local community groups, conservationists, the National Union of Mineworkers and Earth First! should all stand together on this.

Solidarity is Strength!

And with a growing movement for police repression of legal campaigns; now is the time to stand together.

Anonymous said...

Solidarity from north of the border! We are fighting the same battles against Scottish Coal and ATH Resources, I hope this event goes well x

Toonclimateaction said...

Nice one Scotland!! Thanks for your support, we'll post a report after the event to keep you up to date.

love and rage

your barrio friends!!

Anonymous said...

Conference Report Back
No to Open Cast
Jan 31st 2008
Activists from the Pont Valley Network and other North East community organisations, Panic Stations, Coal Caravan, Coal Action Network, Newcastle Climate Action, Scotland Climate Action, and the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England came together to discuss their opposition to open cast mining. They agreed to set up a mailing list and to meet again in a month for a self education day on media strategy. This meeting was a very useful opportunity for people from different organisations to meet each other and share their experiences. Those present had been involved in various campaigns, some of them won but all were to some extent effective in resisting the destruction of our land. There are many other communities in the North East facing open cast planning applications and with experience of fighting them. It would be useful if people came in greater numbers to the next meeting and if other groups opposed to open casting joined.