Tuesday, 29 September 2009

No Nukes

Demonstrate at Devonport - No to the Nuclear Dump
Assemble: 12 noon, Plymouth City Centre, Guildhall, Armada Way. 2pm, Devonport Park.
Rally: 3pm, Devonport nuclear dockyards main entrance, Camel's Gate

The Sizewell Five have been found not guilty of aggravated trespass after a blockade in 2008 of the Sizewell nuclear power station in Suffolk. They intended to use the defence that they were acting to prevent breaches of health and safety legislation resulting from the continued operation of the nuclear power plant in Suffolk. They planned to call at least one expert witness, Dr Ian Fairlie, an independent nuclear consultant, but the judge had refused to allow this on the first day of trial, despite earlier pre-trial reviews.

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