Thursday, 26 November 2009

COP 15

Climate scientist James Hansen said that it would be desirable for the Copenhagen climate conference to not reach a deal, since what they advertise as solutions are in fact attempts to "continue business as usual". The Guardian website's report shows that the Guardian is funded by Shell, but Dr Hanson is correct on this. The rich bastard unfortunately does support nuclear power. Fuck them and their system!
Never Trust a COP!

Sat 12th Dec 18:30
Avaaz Candlelight Vigil
For a Real Deal in Copenhagen
Newcastle quayside, opposite the 'Slug and Lettuce'
Follow the link for a map and zoom in on Newcastle to register with the "Northern Lights" event!
Would be great to see a good turnout, giving a strong message that 'we the people' are serious in our desire to see the world leaders agree a strong and binding climate deal.
Please bring along candles, although some will be provided, and we will take turns in reading a short speech, which will be filmed, to the world leaders in Copenhagen. The lovely people at Avaaz will then take videos from vigils this all over the world and turn them into an undeniable message of intent. After all, the politicians work for us.
Any homemade posters, signs or performance pieces will be a bonus!
The Candelight vigil will last around an hour, enough time for us to get organised, read a short speech, video the gathering and take some photos. After which it is a short walk to the Ouseburn to enjoy a well deserved drink!
There is a set speech here but anyone who wishes to say something in particular feel free!

Camp Out Cop Out
At 4pm on Saturday, following The Wave of 40,000 concerned individuals, Climate Camp went further and occupied Trafalgar Square successfully for the planned 48 hours. However, with the doomed Copenhagen Climate Conference only just beginning its two week corporate sponsored farce, we're now not going anywhere.
The Camp will hold the space for the entire conference, reclaiming one the busiest locations in the world to push for genuine solutions to climate change. So, if you're not off to Copenhagen then this is the place you need to be. Bring your tent, warm clothes, and ideas for action!
When the tripods first shot up and the rocket stoves got burning, it wasn't long before the actions started rolling. Prior to the talks beginning, 20 Santas took over the departure lounge at London City Airport as the last flights of hypocrisy left for Copenhagen. Then on Monday, with the summit beginning, activists blockaded the European Carbon Exchange offices sending a clear message that the false solutions on the table will be stopped every step of the way. Meanwhile campers continued cooking, discussing, and plotting as requests to leave were ignored.
Surrounded by opportunity, the camp is preparing for our two week stay. We are the Christmas present under the square's enormous tree this year, already working well with community groups to collectively push for climate justice during this season of festivity. Those of us remaining in the UK need to demonstrate we are not simply sitting back and letting our "leaders" tear apart the planet, but are enacting the change we need ourselves. But this will only succeed if everyone gets involved for as little or as long as they can.
What to bring:
Simple. Just a tent, warm and waterproof clothes. Oh, and all your friends!
Wish list:
Vegan food, blankets, tarps, pallets, party/frame tents, cardboard, banners, big water bottles + anything else you think may be helpful...
We look forward to greeting you with a hot cup of tea.
Much love,
The Climate Camp Trafalgar Crew xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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