Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Where Next after Copenhagen?

System Change not Climate Change
Copenhagen looks like it's going to be remembered for two things: one, exposing the COP process of "climate talks" for what they really are - the WTO under another guise, trying to push forward the neoliberal agenda of free trade, privatisation and slashing public spending, whatever the cost to the people and the planet.
But while they were busy drawing up licences to pollute, privatising the air, buying up the rainforests and reaffirming their addiction to fossil fuels, in the streets an exciting shift was taking place as an environmental movement turned into a movement for social justice, led by the powerful social movements of the Global South. This looks like it could be the moment where movements against climate change, war, attacks on workers' terms and conditions and attacks on the public sector all begin to come together to fight the common enemy - but it depends on what we all do now.
Films on the Copenhagen mobilisations including the enormous Saturday demo; delegations from movements in the Global South; La Via Campesina protests, agribusiness and food sovereignty; tar sands, peak oil and energy sovereignty; and the joint CJA/CJN "Reclaim Power" action, the people's assembly, green jobs and building a mass movement.
PLUS The Fujitsu strike, and whatever key workers struggles have happened by then - there's a lot of potential candidates! We'll be taking collections for strike funds.


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