Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Application to Opencast Bradley/Billingside to be determined Tuesday 15th Feb‏

Hello again
We're about to enter our 3rd and final round with UK Coal, regarding their planning application to opencast the Bradley/Billingside site (Pont Valley).
You may remember this was unanimously rejected at Durham County Hall earlier this year, we believe the excellent turnout of supporters helped enormously, despite a recommendation for approval. UK Coal wasted no time in appealing against this decision, and this has now gone to public enquiry. This is our last chance to stop this application, if the decision falls in favour of UK Coal, then there is nothing further we can do to stop this travesty.
We really need your help and support again.
The public enquirey will be held at:
Leadgate Workingmen's Social Club and Institute
33 St Ives Road
Co. Durham
Commencing on Tuesday 25th October at 10.00. It is scheduled to last 16 days. If you would like to speak at the enquiry, you must register on the first day - we can do that for you if you are unable to attend on 25th.
Members of our group will be speaking on 1st and 2nd November. Just like February's hearing we believe that a show of support will help our argument, so please try and find sometime to come along and cheer us on.
I'll let you all know more details as they come in.
Hope to see you there, please rally the troops

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