Thursday, 26 January 2012

In 2009 concerned activists occupied Mainshill woodland, a beautiful & diverse wood condemed to become an opencast surface mine. After 10 months of resisitance Scottish Coal were forced to pay for a costly and embarasing eviction.
With opencast proposals increasingly being made all around the north east of england and Scotland the time has come to take action, in it's various forms.
From legal and planning challenges to handing out leaflets and direct action a diverse stratergy is essential to prevent an environmental disaster.
On the 2nd of march the planning decision for the proposal to opencast Bradley woodland Co Durham will be made,the community has resisted this mine for over a decade, lets hope the planners make the right choice!! find out more

Please forward to all lists and interested groups as the struggle for clean energy is part of the resistance to Global corperations, vicious capitalism and its class systems, patriarchy and wider ecological destruction.
Currentley there are more peoples displaced and fleeing environmental catastrophe than war. Let us stand in soildarity with all refugees and refuse to perpetuate this situation.Nature has no borders....
2012 Dirty Coal Infotour
In February and March we’ll be touring the UK with the Beehive Collective’s True Cost of Coal banner to mobilise against new coal in South Lanarkshire and linking up with local struggles to strengthen our campaigns.
Coal is still a massive issue in the UK – despite some victories against opencast mines and both Scottish Coal and UK Coal being on the brink of collapse, more and more coal is burned and mined every day. This is disastrous for communities and ecosystems, but capitalism’s dependence on cheap and dirty fossil fuels means that the struggle must continue!
In the Douglas Valley, South Lanarkshire, the UK’s largest opencast mining company Scottish Coal is pressing forward with new mine proposals in a desperate smash and grab of what’s left of the valley. Their puppets at South Lanarkshire Council have just approved a new massive 4 million tonne mine at Glentaggart East, close to 4 existing mines and a stones throw away from two primary schools.
Spring into action in the coming months with Coal Action Scotland!
Watch this space for information on tour dates & places – for directions to the venue

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