Sunday, 1 July 2012

Take Back the Land!

In two weeks we’ll be setting up for 6 days of resistance to corporate rule in the Douglas Valley. We’ll be taking on the UK’s largest opencast coal mining company, landlord-aristocrat-banker Lord Home and South Lanarkshire Council – together they conspire to make a few people very wealthy, whilst communities are left disempowered, disenfranchised and to suffer all the impacts that living next to opencast mines bring. The Douglas Valley is a sacrifice zone for the ruling class – but don’t despair! Scottish Coal are in big financial trouble and there’s been no better time to hit them where it hurts. In fact, its time to Take Back the Land!
Help us spread the word: please pass on our call-out to your friends. You’ll find publicity here (, the website here ( and social networking here (
Join in the fun: there will be roles for everyone at the camp and lots of exciting things to get stuck into. See here ( for what to bring with you, and here ( for directions to the area.
Take action: be prepared for action – there will be a mass action on Saturday 14th July and we’re encouraging affinity groups to target coal infrastructure throughout the area. Want some ideas? See here ( for direct action resources, and here ( for a Douglas Valley direct action guide.
See you there!

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