Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Class, Climate Change and Clean Coal

1st November 2008, Newcastle, 11.30 -5.30

This all day conference has been organised by supporters of coal in reaction to the climate camp. We have agreed to participate in this important debate with Dave Douglass, Arthur Scargill and others.

Dave Douglass report on climate camp with responses is here:

Another report on climate camp with responses is here:

"Clean Coal; never was there an oxymoron more dangerous"

Join the Camp for Climate Action
“Every striking worker gives up earning a living and puts his family in hardship for the greater good, for the principle, for a better future. We contend that this is the same principle.” Battle for the Trees, Merrick
The class struggle: "Must go on until the workers of the world organize as a class, take possession of the means of production, abolish the wage system, and live in harmony with the Earth." Preamble to the Constitution of the Industrial Workers of the World
Garment workers in Bangladesh are suffering from severe flooding as a consequence of Climate Change. Under the present system, Corporations and States compete to exploit our labour and our natural resources. Capitalists choose profit over the welfare of the people. The land owning class use our land for industrial agriculture. The Camp for Climate Action is organized without hierarchy, with neighborhoods governing themselves. This model of self government has its history in the workers industrial unions.
The 2008 Camp for Climate Action is to be held near to the proposed site for a new coal fired power station. E-on, the company that wants to build the power station has stated that it will be “Carbon Capture and Storage ready”. C.C.S is still in an early development stage and has not been used on such a large scale.
“The International Energy Agency (IEA) describes a “capture-ready” plant as one “which can be retrofitted with CO2 capture when the necessary regulatory or
economic drivers are in place”. This definition is broad enough to make any station theoretically “capture-ready”, and the term meaningless.” False Hope, Greenpeace
Workers in the Renewable Energy Industry, in the Nuclear Industry and in the Fossil Fuels Industry should organise ourselves together into one powerful, international union. We need to be free to debate our many disagreements and to act together on what we agree on because our strength is in our diversity.

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Toonclimatecamp said...

The debate is being held at the Bridge Hotel in the upstairs room on Nov 1st.