Wednesday, 1 October 2008

What next??

For a week in August 2008, at a camp near Kingsnorth power station, climate change activists worked together to live sustainably, learn new skills and take direct action against climate change. This camp did not happen in isolation there have been previous mobileisations in 2007 a camp was set up at Heathrow in oppostion to the building of a 3rd runway,in 2006 the first climate camp took place at Drax power station ( the U:ks largest single source of co2 ) In 2005 the G8 summit was staged in Gleneagles a camp was set up to oppose the G8'S(nations) domination of the people and planet.
What can we learn from these camp's? How can we work together locally and effectivley to tackle the huge issue of climate change?

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