Monday, 30 March 2009

G20 Resistance

The G20 at London's Excel centre on the 2nd of April. The G20, the twenty most industrialised nations met with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organisation to discuss keeping the rich- rich and the poor- poor and the continuing wholesale destruction of our planet.

Some of us went to London where they ran convergence and crash spaces.

Financial fools day April 1st action at the carbon trading exchange:

2000 protesters set up a Camp for Climate Action in the middle of the Square Mile, closing a major road for 12 hours. The Camp was located outside the European Climate Exchange on Bishopsgate, to protest against the G20's plans to use deeply flawed carbon trading mechanisms to tackle climate change.

As planned, hundreds of protesters “swooped” from all over the City at 12.30pm and set up tents, bunting and bicycles in order to reclaim a large portion of the financial district. Throughout the day there was a programme of workshops on themes such as the absurdity of carbon trading, the history of social movements and alternative economic models, whilst pedal powered sound systems and live bands provided entertainment, a kitchen provided hundreds of meals and a farmers market gave away organic vegetables.

Photos of the camp:
Film of the State reaction after 12 hours:

In a desperate attempt to maintain their control over our world, the bastards have allocated $750bn (taken from tax payers) to the IMF. This money can be borrowed by governments in return for things like privatising our water or allowing open cast mining. It would then be paid back by things like closing hospitals.

See the G20 meltdown or climate camp websites for further info.

Update: There was a further demo outside Pilgrim Street Police Station, Newcastle, in response to the murder of Ian Tomlinson (which the CPS has attempted but failed to cover up; see the Channel 4 news video here: and various serious assaults by paramilitary cops during the G20.

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