Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Climate Camp Scotland

What's happening:

We're going to set up camp somewhere around the Firth of Forth, a part of the central belt of Scotland littered with power stations, corporate HQs, gas and oil refineries, open cast coal mines, a nuclear power station and a cement factory. We want you to join us to hold the people and systems responsible for climate change and ecocide to account.

The camp will focus on helping groups of people to take action against a whole range of targets. If you're coming with a group of friends that's great – we'll help you choose targets and actions, and if you're coming alone there will be plenty of opportunity to meet other people and work out a plan.

The camp will have as low an ecological impact as possible so expect compost toilets, grey water systems and micro-renewable energy. There will be kitchens providing three meals a day so there's no need to bring any food or cooking equipment. There will be workshops, skill-shares and much more.

How to get there:

The location of the site will be announced just before the start of the camp – check the website (climatecampscotland.org.uk) or phone the info number which will be available shortly before the 3rd for directions to the camp. If you're coming by public transport get yourself to Edinburgh Waverley or Glasgow Central train stations and be prepared to travel – info-points will tell you the train station to get to and how to get there. There will be shuttle buses from the nearest train station to the camp.

What to bring:

A tent, sleeping bag and carry mat and anything else you'd take camping. Be prepared for rain and sun. But most importantly, bring all of your friends!

What not to bring:

Pen-knives – the cops love using them as an excuse to harass us so let's not let them.

If you want more information or to get in touch, go to climatecampscotland.org.uk or email us on climatecampscotland@riseup.net

See you there!

Climate Camp Scotland
e-mail: climatecampscotland@riseup.net
Homepage: http://climatecampscotland.org.uk/

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