Friday, 19 June 2009

Mainshill Wood Occupied

The Deputy Sheriff has served Mainshill Solidarity Camp with an order to leave or be removed by force: The camp is still there though.
Please go there if you can. There are arrestable, non-arrestable, tree sitting, underground and on the ground roles. Please come and film or photograph the impressive defences. The camp is wheel chair and child friendly.
All against open casting welcome.
Transport is available. Site phone: 07806 926040
Lord Home; son of the Tory Prime Minister; who claims to be the "landowner"; is being investigated in Britain's biggest fraud case involving Coutts; part of the Royal Bank of Scotland.


Anonymous said...

For a worker controlled, environmentally appropriate energy industry based on local direct democracy and not on aristocracy.

Anonymous said...

Hi if anyone can spare a couple of days there is transport going up to Mainshill this weekend (17th July). Its a really beautiful little spot, the eviction seems to be on hold but plenty of work to do. If you can get up and help it gives the camp regulars a bit of a boost and a break from the everyday tasks, theres plenty to do and a warm welcome from locals and campers.

Anonymous said...

"I know all about the ravages of opencast coal mining there because my dad was born just down the road (from Mainshill) in GLENBUCK and his dad and brothers all worked at CARMECOUP and KAMES pits. Ironically Glenbuck ceased to have any population after the mines closed and now the last vestiges of any buildings have been erased by the huge and ugly opencast workings. Give my regards to LORD HOME!" Ian Bone