Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Green Public Transport Attacked

Private sector bosses are cutting 7000 jobs and maintenance work as well as charging extortionate fares.

Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary, said today:

“While the train operators are jacking up fares by as much as 11 per cent, thousands of rail worker jobs are on the line and up to a third of this year’s essential renewals programme is being deferred. The companies are protecting their profits while those who run the services and who keep the tracks safe face the prospect of being dumped on the dole queue.

“It is critical for the future of the rail industry that the government intervene now to stop the jobs massacre and to call to account the private companies who have bled billions in profits and subsidies out of the British taxpayer.”

John McDonnell MP, RMT Parliamentary Group Convenor, said today:

"We have seen the franchise system collapse around the government's ears and now we are in crisis. The government is in a position now where the money isn't actually there any more to subsidise these companies.

"The companies have been milking the system and the government has been complicit in that. We now need an integrated, publicly-owned and accountable people's railway where passengers and workers have a real voice"


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