Thursday, 11 June 2009

Car System Expanding

The Tyne Rivers Trust (who are funded by Tyne Tunnel PFI!) are objecting to plans to proceed with dredging work during the peak run of migratory fish on England's most important Salmon river. They intend to suction dredge, disturbing highly contaminated silts from 100 years of heavy industry, then place a concrete car tunnel. There is already a car tunnel and a bike tunnel; their intention is to attract more cars. The Environment Agency are expected to rubber stamp the timing of the dredging in order to save Tyne Tunnel PFI money. In Private Finance Initiatives (PFI's), losses are paid off by the Treasury, while the profits go to rich bastards in the private sector. Dredging is proposed for September and October 2009.

Tyne Rivers Trust Letter (PDF)

Tyne Tunnel PFI

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